Pierpont Leather started as the eponymous creation of its founder, Parker Pierpont, as a medium through which to produce beautiful and unique items from the finest leathers available on the market. After years of practice and hundreds of thousands of hand stitches, Pierpont solidified his understanding of traditional workmanship through friendships and mentorships with some of the finest artisans in world, an intensive training with a former Hermès master artisan, and thousands of hours of meticulous study. It is a respect for the product and the material that we work with that has bound us to this business. We are a company focused on product - from raw material to design and delivery. It is this commitment that allows us to produce work that is second to none.

Everything you see here is crafted in-house, from beginning to end, using traditional techniques - a set of processes that starts with the hand-cutting of the finest French leathers, and ends with the painstaking process of polishing edges with dye and wax. It's this authenticity of our process that breeds its own aesthetic in the form of soft curves, immaculate thread, and crisply creased edges. All products produced by Pierpont Leather are made, assembled, and shipped from our workshop in Dallas, Texas.

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