Alligator & Crocodile - Glazed

This is an example list of glazed colors available for order from Pierpont Leather in either American Alligator or Nilo Crocodile. Glazed skins are often slightly more even in finish and will look more 'perfect' than matte skins. However, Matte skins are more durable, and have a more natural look.

Not all colors are stocked at all times, and selection is often limited or seasonal. Please do not inquire with only one color preference, but rather a few similar colors or a family of colors that you'd like to consider. Please use this chart as a common general reference to aid communication.

**If you require a specific color, we have the ability to custom-color skins to match almost any color you'd like. Additionally, skins can be matched to swatches or physical objects that you send to us if required. This service requires a 4-6 week wait time at current.

Violet Terracotta


Deep Pink


Electric Watermelon



Autumn Rose
Taffy Salmon

Hot Pink

Flamingo Electric Blue
Hot Pink 2 Deep Blue
Red Navy
Cherry Old Jeans
Burgundy Angel Blue
Meridian Blue Tiffany Blue
Azul Lime
Noir Knoll
Lemon Forest
Brandy Emerald
Mustard Seafoam
Roma-Grey Smooth Green
Asphault Kiwi Splash
Ivory Drab
Cement Apricot
Shell Deep Pink
Rusty Nail Magenta
Cocoa Dust