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American Alligator (Alligator mississippiensis) is one of the most prestigious and exclusive leathers on the market today, available in a range of matte and glazed colors. As with all crocodilian skins we offer, Pierpont Leather sources it's American Alligator from a multigenerational tannery that's been serving the top fashion houses internationally for over a quarter of a century. Alligator is indigenous only to to the Southeastern United States, and one of the only exotic leathers that is consistently available in the production of exquisite larger items like handbags and luggage. It is the softest of all crocodilian leathers, attributed to it's markedly softer grain structure than any other type of crocodilian skin on the market. 

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 Alligator is often distinguished from other crocodiles because of it's large, highly individualized tiles in the center of the belly, and smaller pebble-like tiles in that flank either side. Pierpont leather only uses top-grade, center-cut American Alligator belly skin, which is the softest, most symmetrical area of the most exclusive piece of the alligator available. Because of this, almost every single alligator piece that we produce includes the distinctive alligator's umbilical markings and a remarkable soft and well-finished final piece that's absolutely unique. 

It is our objective to provide remarkable craftsmanship and top-quality pieces to discerning clientele. Because of demand for the level of customization that we offer, there is currently a 6 week wait on all exotic orders placed on our website, or by email. If you are an international client, please read the disclosure below, as it will affect the final price and lead time necessary to produce your piece. 

If you are an international client and you'd like to be made aware of the fee schedule we keep for international exotic orders, please email us:

If you'd like to know more about Nilo Crocodile, the other crocodilian skin we offer, there is an article about it as well. If you are familiar with Porosus Crocodile, and wish to use it in your order, please send us a short email with the subject: 'Porosus Custom Order' for information on it's current availability and price.

Pierpont Leather's Ethics & commitment to CITES compliance (international clients):

Detailed records are kept regarding the source, tannery, and craftsman that handle each individual skin. Pierpont Leather committed to ethically using skins by abiding by domestic and international trade laws and regulations. All skins that we use are eligible for international shipping. Though clients that wish to have their Exotic skin shipped internationally will incur an additional fee, know that your custom item will be completely CITES compliant, and arrive with minimal delays, and include all appropriate documentation.