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Where do you ship?

 Pierpont Leather has shipped products alike. worldwide via post and courier. International orders generally take a few days longer to reach their destination than domestic orders. 

Most domestic orders, once shipped, will reach their destination in 2-3 business days via priority mail. 

All international exotic orders will require an additional processing fee for CITES compliant paperwork. (except for Ostrich.) Domestic orders are exempt from this requirement and all fees associated with it.

Who makes your products?

We do. Completely by hand, in our Dallas, Texas workshop - from raw material to finished product. All of our products are completely bespoke and made to order. For this reason, we have an average of a 2-4 week wait time on all non-exotic orders. Exotic orders have a minimum of a 4 week wait time for international orders, as they require paperwork and CITES document processing.

Do you service Pierpont Leather items?

Pierpont Leather offers servicing on all authentic Pierpont Leather items. Please send an email to for more information.

Do you repair non-Pierpont Leather items?

Pierpont Leather will only service authentic Pierpont Leather items.

Press / Media:

Please contact for information or inquiries.